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Mechanics Bliss Supply Company began by offering custom leather products in the hydraulic business and later expanded into all types of seals. Eventually, we grew into our current business offering a variety of hydraulic parts, including repair materials, custom fabrications, and hydraulic hoses. Because of our extensive expertise, we are better able to assist in your service by providing knowledgeable and expert consultations on the best parts for your specific needs. Contact us today in Worcester, Massachusetts, to speak with our team of professionals about ordering the right hydraulic parts for your industry machinery.
Hydraulic Parts & Repair Materials
Take your pick from a wealth of hydraulic parts at Mechanics Bliss Supply Company! When you shop with us, you have access to an incredible selection of hoses, adhesive, and all other types of repair materials necessary for your machinery. There’s no need to spend a fortune on new equipment once you’ve checked out our shelves, which are stocked with the most comprehensive collection of parts available! Our hydraulic parts include repair items for plastic machinery, backhoes, rings, and injection molding machinery, and include:

 • Hoses
• Rubber
• Tubing
• Packing
• Ducting
 • Sealants
• Fittings
• Adhesives
• Lubricants
• Air Control
 • Mats & Matting
• Rubber Products
• Seals & Gaskets
• Safety Equipment
• Foul Weather Equipment
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