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Don’t Let Your Production Stop Due to Faulty Equipment

Our Hydraulic Hoses & Parts Quickly Fix up Equipment

Ensure your machinery and business equipment is in working order with hydraulic hose and crimping services by Mechanics Bliss Supply Company based in Worcester, Massachusetts. With more than 30 years’ experience in hydraulic parts and repairs, we are your go-to hydraulic solution experts for any and all service needs! We work quickly to assist people in breakdowns caused by damaged hydraulic hoses or other parts. Contact us right away for guidance on the right hydraulic hoses for your specific machinery.

Pipe & Tube Bending


Receive custom fabrication of tubing and hydraulic hose crimping for power transmission lines, HVAC coolant lines, and more at Mechanics Bliss Supply Company. We take your tubes and rings to a custom configuration specialist in order to ensure each hose is properly bent to the correct angle. Bending helps the tube direct necessary fluid to the part of the machine it needs to get to for optimal performance.

Custom Hydraulic Hose Fabrication

Do you need custom hydraulic hose crimping for your equipment? We use state-of-the-art equipment to perform bow crimping and get the hose ends you need for your hydraulic lines. These hydraulic hoses can then be used for both low and high-pressure hydraulic lines alike.

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Request your custom hydraulic hose crimping service and improve your company’s productionby calling us today at (508) 753-8137 in Worcester, Massachusetts, for a consultation.